Craps Come Betting

Other than the Pass Line, the most popular even-money wager is the Come Bet. It works the same way as the Pass Line bet, and it can be made at any time after the Point has been established. The Come Bet wins immediately of a natural 7 or 11 is rolled; it loses if any craps number is thrown (2, 3, or 12); and it awaits resolution if a Come Point is established.

Just like the Pass Line, the Come has a House edge of 1.41%. Also like the Pass Line, taking Free Odds is possible on the Come to reduce the advantage. And there is also a Don’t Come wager available, which functions in the same way as the Don’t Pass. Essentially, anyone familiar enough with Craps to play the Pass Line will find the Come to be a great second wager.

Winning with the Come

Come Bets are made directly on the Craps table layout. There is a large rectangular betting area for this between the Field and the box numbers where Place Bets are made. The player simply places chips there and waits for the next roll. If a Come Point is established, the dealer will move the Come Bet up to the narrow strip above or below the corresponding box number. The relative position of the chips indicates who made the wager.

Come Bets can be made on every roll until the Point is made or the series is ended by a Seven Out. In fact, the Seven Out is a winner on the current Come Bet, so all is not lost. If the original Pass Line Point is made, the next come out roll still applies to active Come Bets.

A maximized betting strategy for Come betting is to bet on every roll and then take Free Odds whenever a Come Point is established. If the Pass Line Point is rolled and there are still active Come Bets on the table, waiting for a different point, the next come out roll does not apply to their respective Free Odds bets. That means the Free Odds wagers on top of the Come Bets will be returned in the event of a 7.

Wagering on Don’t Come

Don’t Come bets are handled in much the same way. A special betting area called the Don’t Come Bar is where the wager is made. It is typically located between the Don’t Pass Bar and the box numbers at the dealer’s side of the table. For this reason, the player should ask the dealer to place the chips, rather than do so alone. This ensures that the dealer knows who has made the wager.

The Don’t Come is also an even-money bet that can only be made after the Point has been established. Similar to the Don’t Pass, Don’t Come bets win immediately on craps 2 or 3, lose on natural 7 or 11, and push on a roll of 12. Once the Come Bet Point has been established, the Don’t Come is a winner if a 7 is thrown before the Come Bet Point is made. Natural 11 and craps do not affect this bet after establishment of the Come Bet Point. It only loses is the Come Bet Point is made before a 7 is rolled. Also, Don’t Come bets remain active when the Pass Line Point is made.