Craps Tips

Craps players each have their own ways of approaching the game. Some believe the key to success is in managing bets, whether through a systematic method of wagering or just sensing when to bet boldly and when to back off. Others think it is all a matter of luck, and some believe that dice control is the only way to prevail.

No matter what theories of the game one subscribes to, there are some tried and true actions that seem to spell out the difference between winning consistently and losing more often than not. Following are many of the “best practices” referred to by veterans of the game on half a dozen key topics.

On Shooting – Always accept the dice when offered the opportunity to shoot. This is the fun part of the game. Bet right; never bet wrong. The Don’t Pass line is for those who lack confidence in their own abilities. Throw the dice like you own the table. Don’t spend a lot of time holding the dice; just set them and toss them. Increase wagering when the rolls are hot. Take more chances. Pull bets down when the dice feel cold. At the end of a hot roll, quit and leave the table a hero. Hot rolls do not happen very often.

On Money – Never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. Play only with a predetermined amount for a session; don’t go to the ATM for more. Keep an eye on your chips; not everyone at the table is as honest as you are. Be sure to check your winning; dealers sometimes make mistakes. The bankroll you bring to the table should be at least 50 times the minimum wager.

On Winning – As soon as you get ahead, put your starting stake away along with a little profit, and then wager with what is left. Play with House money the same way you would play with your own. When the table is hot, don’t overstay your luck. Quit while ahead, even if just a few dollars.

On Losing – Losing is part of the game; accept that you can’t win all of the time. Don’t “chase the dragon,” trying to get back to even after losing. Just play steady, even when losing; stick to your game plan. When the table goes cold, don’t play down to your last dollar. Always leave the casino with at least a few dollars in your pocket.

On Attitude – Keep cool. Never let emotions control your decision-making. Don’t let others reactions put you off your game; stick to your own game. Be disciplined; say what you will do, and then do what you say. If it stops being fun, quit playing.

On the Game – Those who know the rules, the odds, and the payouts seem to do much better than those who don’t. Have a complete understanding of the game before you risk your money in it. Learn the game inside and out, then play it often, gaining confidence in your ability to win, before you bet more than the minimum.

And as a bonus, here are several famous sayings about Craps that every player of the game should be aware of:

“He was so honest you could play craps with him over the phone.” ~ Earl Wilson

“I have been running the craps game since I was a juvenile delinquent.” ~ Frank Detroit, Guys and Dolls.

“The best throw of the dice is to throw them away.” ~ Old English proverb

“I cannot believe God plays dice with the universe.” ~ Albert Einstein

“Not only does God play dice with the universe, He is using loaded dice.” ~ John Ford

“Not only does God play dice, He throws them where we cannot see them.” ~ Steven Hawking