Craps for Money

Welcome to Real Money Craps, offering you all of the information that’s needed to wager and win at the most exciting of all casino table games. Here you will find insights not only from many of the world’s top dice professionals but also from former Craps dealers who know the game from both sides of the table.

The knowledge contained here can help new players get started and experienced players improve their chances of winning. Our goal is to provide a clear understanding of Craps, so that it can be thoroughly enjoyed when played for real money anywhere in the world.

In most casinos, the Craps table is really where the action is—the noise, the energy, and the cash. Although Craps is an individual game, played against the House, there often seems to be a camaraderie among players that borders on teamwork. Even the crew that manages the table gets enthused as the chips flow back and forth across the table on every roll of the dice. Expect plenty of smoking and drinking, cheering and cursing, prayers and ritual. Those who know little about the game can only wonder what all the uproar is about.

And that’s exactly what this site will show you. Gathered here are all of the strategies, systems, and inside tips that can lead to consistent success at the table, along with step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of the game called Craps.

A Complete Guide to Craps

We open with Craps History, a look at the evolution of dice and dice games from early Rome to England during the Crusades and leading up to the invention of Bank Craps in New Orleans in the early 1800s. Our study includes a look at how the Craps table layout developed, an overview of Craps rules, and an easy-to-follow summary of How to Play Craps.

As a complement to these sections, we have provided a very comprehensive Craps Glossary. It features an alphabetical look at the game’s rich vocabulary plus an at-a-glance list of the slang terms used to describe various dice rolls.

The mathematics of Craps is extremely important, so detailed discussions of Craps Odds and Craps Payouts are offered. The section on Craps Probability has a Pip Total Chart that can be used to help understand why some bets can be so lucrative, while others can easily lead down a path to the poor house.

The human element is well treated, too. Something here rarely seen on the Internet is an insider’s view of the Pit crew responsible for a Craps table—the dealers, the stickman, the boxman, and their boss. We go over their responsibilities, skills, and experience. Even their wages are revealed.

On the other side of the table, we look at Craps Shooting—the ways some players try to attain dice control, while others follow the dark side to Craps Cheating. No stone has remained unturned; we show you exactly where the “bones” are buried.

Depth of Knowledge

More so than any other web site, we at Real Money Craps wants our visitors to come away with specific tools that can be used to walk into a casino, step up to the Craps table, and begin winning, right from the very first roll of the dice. The section on Craps Strategies is a good starting point, and it is enriched by separate pages on the most important wagers and the most popular Craps Betting Systems in use today.

Far beyond Pass Line wagering, detailed here are ways to benefit from Craps Come Betting, Craps Place Betting, and Craps Field Betting. An honest appraisal of Craps Hardway Betting is offered, too, along with a very specific example of Winning at Craps, without resorting to any of the high-risk proposition bets.

Considerable space has also been given to Craps Money Management. After all, the only way to be successful at the game is to leave the table with more than the bankroll you arrived with. This section will help you learn how that is possible, along with Craps Secrets, which goes far beyond a rudimentary examination of the game’s many betting possibilities.

Two entertaining aspects of this web site are the areas devoted to Craps Tips and Craps Superstitions. The former is a digest of “best practices” along with some humorous quotes about the game. The latter delves into such topics as “blowing on dice” for luck, the role of “hot virgins,” the importance of “Big Red” and “Skinny Dugan,” and much more.

We close with some useful advice on Craps Etiquette, indicating behaviors that can be critical to full enjoyment of the game. Players who read through this broad and deep collection of Craps knowledge, who use its bankable insights faithfully, are certain to profit as they improve their game. Real Money Craps can truly take you to the next level of play.